First time Atti

Beautiful day and a piece of friendly advice made my try Atti for the first time. Worked well and I can understand and feel the difference.

Also for the FPV part, having the “groundstation” detached from the radio TX gave me much better picture, but only until the quad turned around. Next time will try pointing the antenna downwards. If that won’t work, I will have to move the video TX to the bottom of the quad.

Letecký den. Poprvé v atti.

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Finally flying FPV

My FPV “ground station” died again in 15 meters despite my efforts to minimize interference, but I flew on jimmacfx’s Sharp Vision monitor. Very nice, need to get it.

Thanks for the pics and vid!

@ondratoral enjoying the "sunny afternoon".

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@ondratoral beating us with picture quality of his Sony 600tvl somehow.

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She's in good hands. @ondratoral 's third flight

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Second flight




My second flight. I was less nervous, but still fly GPS mode only. It locks neatly in place and keeps steady no matter what. Flying circles finally looks like flying circles. One landing was a little bit rougher than expected, but props are fine.

Change of frequency on the Video TX did not change the poor performance, reception is lost in 20 meters. I will have to try a different transmitter.

Counter on the RC transmitter clocked 7:48 minutes of (relative) full throttle, which gives around 15 minutes of flight time. Still the pack had 10.8 V left.

My first quadcopter flight



My first FPV flight went smoother than expected. GPS lock immediate, flight time around 10 minutes with 3 minutes power to spare. However, there are kinks to iron out: FPV ground station is too heavy and keeps tilting backwards and more importantly, video feed breaks after 20 meters or so despite cloverleaf antennas. Will try different channel and different TX location.